EOS Earth Resource Calculating Software (ERCS) is a current project aiming to create a virtual map of the Earth’s natural resources and human resource usage. ERCS will be a global resource measuring software that measures global resource capacity in real time as well as past information of the same region/globe. Citizens globally will have the opportunity to use the software and in doing so have knowledge of the resource capacity available on Earth or the regions in which they consume.

Regenerative Food Initiative (RFI) is an ongoing project to create an interconnected aeroponic/aquaponic/vertical farming web that helps one another in the pursuit of creating a sustainable, aesthetically appealing, educational, and inclusive regenerative garden within every city in the United States. RFI shares an acronym with “Request For Information”. The collective groups working within each city each have specific data they’ve collected as well as special needs for the area their garden currently helps. The main objective is to create a collaborative national network of sustainable food banks. The ultimate goal is to create enough of them globally to fill the need as well as force agribusiness into the future of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Material Engineering Initiative (SMEI) is an ongoing project to test sustainable material solutions that can replace old infrastructure and unsustainable good manufacturing. Our goal is to find replacements for unsustainable materials that can be regenerated and test them as potential solutions.

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