A New Holon Created!

Together Everyone Achieves More


We have created a new holon of the EOS in the Cascadia region! We are the first holon in the United States so far and will be focusing on: educating the public, testing, developing, and researching technologically sustainable solutions that are cost effective as well as efficient. All data and testing conducted will be posted on this site for 100% transparency as well as all funding and expenditures. In this way we can create an honest and open setting that speaks for itself.

If it isn’t accessible to the poor, it is neither sustainable or efficient. This holon was created in an effort to bring together the plethora of sustainable technologies in the Cascadia region and make them accessible to everyone in the region and the data we generate accessible around the world.

Our testing and development is focused on resource efficiency, availability to the public, easily digestible data for teaching opportunities, as well as open source creation for others’ to utilize to create a more sustainable existence.

For more information about the holon in Sweden visit: https://www.eosnord.se/

Otherwise, welcome to our page!

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