Scientific Integrity and the Start Up Culture

Startup culture coupled with a lack of integrity within journalism and journalistic programs as a whole has given rise to a new legion of manipulative capitalism: creating pretty videos of products that are meant to disrupt the bigger companies yet many have never been peer reviewed. In essence, these false advertisements are video clips of future virtual dreams without any plan to actually give customers the products they paid for. Little to no consequence is given if the startup doesn’t deliver; often under the assumption that the money raised wasn’t sufficient. 

Wallstreet in America was originally set up to prevent fraudulent companies from stealing money that could be invested wisely in functional, honest products. However Wallstreet was corrupted from within by unethical people. The necessity to be picky about who funds us is imperative. 

Patreon, GoFundMe, as well as other startup sites bypass authenticity verification which leaves it up to the investors’ research capability pertaining to what is an honest investment. The current lack of research skills within the American public leaves them making poor investments as well as creating wealth/power for the unethical.

When a solution becomes a problem, we must be able to look for something new. Fossil fuels were once a “sustainable alternative”. We must look forward rather than just within our present predicament and learn from our past so that we can have a future. 

Scientific Integrity coupled with start up culture creates an inclusive gateway to funding for everyone with a prototype, internet, and enough public support. Mindful ingenuity can be achieved through this new culture however it is only one part of the transition away from obsolete monetary systems. 

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